2016 Steeped Tea Fundraiser

​Steeped Tea generously donated there time to put on a tea testing presentation where part of the tea that was sold was donated to Southwinds!

​We Raised a Significant amount of Money and thank everyone for there support!

2016 October Winnipeg Pet Show

​Our first time at the Winnipeg Pet Show was a huge success! Lots of people stopped by our booth as we educated them on the equine world and our Equine Rescue! With loads of laughter and smiles it was a sure success on our part!

2016 July Cancer for Kids Event

One of Southwinds most Memorable Events.
This day was to help families regain there happiness and strength back. We had numerous volunteers to make this day possible, with Pony rides, ATV's to show the people around the farm in an easy and accessible way, a big BBQ and lots of friendly laughs. This event was a huge success!

2016 Fort Whyte Alive Fundraiser!
A portion of the proceeds go to the horses of Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc.
***Bonus gift to purchasing tickets is free admission to FortWhyte Alive!

Manitoba Adventure Raffle + 49 All-In-Manitoba Prize Packages worth over $7,000.00

Grand Prize: Hudson Bay Odyssey Worth over $19,000.00
Contact Southwinds Horse Rescue if you'd like to purchase some Fort Whyte Alive Adventure Raffle Tickets!


​License: LGA-1690-RF

2016 Norwex Party
Its a NORWEX Party!​
​Like a clean BARN or a clean HOUSE?
​Norwex is the stuff for you!
​Stay tuned for the Online Details of this amazing party to get amazing items from NORWEX; while helping out the horses!

We raised over 100 Dollars!! Thank you so much for your support!

2016 Heartland Raffle

​One of Southwinds Biggest Raffle's we have ever held. With World-Wide follows, Heartland Productions chose Southwinds to be 1 of 4 Rescues across Canada to hold a donated prize for 4 people to meet the amazing crew and watch a day in production life.

A HUGE Thank You continues to go out to Heartland Producers, Cast and Crew.
This show gave Southwinds a chance. A chance to continue saving horses and providing them with Love, Health Care, and much more.

​Congrats to Taylor Reichert who won the raffle!​

Thank you to the Following Organizations for taking our Heartland Raffle Booklets to help Raise Funds for our Rescue:
CowTown in Brandon
Westgates Horse and Country
Greenhawk Balmoral General Store/Sylvia’s Tack Shop
Tall Boys St. Claude
Elie Grocery store
Service on Second -Co-Op in Oakville
Portage Credit Union in Oakville
Fehrway Feeds and Livestock
Miami Variety
Big thanks to Graysville 4H , Herma Zomer and Jose McEwan
Big thanks to 101 FM The Farm for promoting us!
Big thanks to all of Southwinds volunteers!