In the late 1990s the Spirit of Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc was born when our executive director, Irene Patterson saw a horse in a pasture that was dangerously malnourished. Not able to turn a blind-eye to this listless, starving creature, she approached the owner and offered to buy the horse under the guise of having “always wanted a palomino”. 

Over the next several years Irene Patterson assumed responsibility for several other horses, which came to her in varying degrees of distress, and has paid for their care out of her own pocket ever since. The horses breed or colouring didn’t matter to her, nor did the severity of the harm that had been done to them—if a horse was in need and she had the means to help it she did. Patterson believed (and still does) that every animal deserves the right to being properly cared for—with an emphasis on the word CARE. 

 When a new horse comes to her she carefully assesses its situation and provides for its care holistically, making sure it has veterinary care, feed appropriate to its condition, the comfort of other animals nearby—as well as her own personal touch: It’s not uncommon for Patterson to visit the animal upwards of two dozen times throughout the day and night, to interact with them and let them know that they’re not alone.

Patterson says “some of these horses come to Southwinds so scared and so angry that they want to kill you. Within 6 months or a year though, they learn to trust.” 

 Patterson currently has 33 horses in her care and has reached her limit of what she can realistically care for by herself. She established Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. as a registered Canadian Charity in the spring of 2014 in the hopes that donors and hands-on volunteers will come forward and help her continue her work with horses and equines. 

 Southwinds come it would gladly accept the following:
-Monetary donations (donations over $20 will be issued a tax receipt)
-Donations of supplies including tack, blankets, halters, bridles, brushes, steel panels (for pen creation), feed, hay, oats, farm machinery (tractor). If you have something we might be able to use (chances are we can)—please let us know!
-Volunteers able to help with the following: feeding, haying, mucking, cleaning, turning in and out, farm maintenance, watering, grooming.

- We are also looking for qualified riders to assist in retraining those horses that are able to be ridden.
Donations can be sent to Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc., P.O Box 123 Oakville, MB, R0H 0Y0.

Paypal and on-line donations will be accepted.

E-transfer Options are available as well as allows for monthly donations to be made. 

 For more information please send us a message to—we will do our best to reply as soon as possible!
Charity Number 840243570RR0001