*All Horses are Up-To-Date on Shots, Farrier and Teeth.


If your looking for a friendly Steer to add to your farm, Sam is the right pick for you!  Loves people!

4 years old, Companion only.  Serious inquiries only please.

​Price:  TBD


​​Sex: Mare                    ​​Age: 25 Years Old

Senior - Belgian Quarter Horse X  Companion only.  Serious inquiries only please.​

Price $200.00


​​Sex: Gelding            ​​Age: 8 Years    
Grey Pony

​Companion Only.  Serious inquiries only please.



Sex: Gelding        Age:  11 Years
Breed: Quarter Horse

Has been ridden before but requires refresher training and must be with a gentle hand.  As we progress with training, price will go up.  Serious inquiries only please.

Price: $1,000.00​


​​Sex: Mare                       ​​Age: 8 Years Old

Quarter Horse, unhandled.  We are in process of socializing with her.  As our training progresses, price will go up.  Serious inquiries only please.

​Price: $400.00


​​Sex: Mare                    ​​Age: 6 Years Old

Wild from BC, branded, unhandled.  Please contact for more information.  Serious inquiries only.

Price:  TBD


​​Sex: Mare                    ​​Age: 4 Years Old

Wild from BC, branded.  We have been socializing with her but needs additional training.   Please contact for more information.  Serious inquiries only.

Price:  TBD

**Neglect of horses is all-too-common.

While it is sometimes done on purpose it is often done out of ignorance or because owners are unaware of the financial commitment that a horse requires. Proper feeding of horses is specialized knowledge that a lot of people lack, and a horses feed needs change throughout their lives. Cutting costs on horse feed can frequently lead to a horse that is not getting the nutrition it needs. Sometimes horses are purposely under-fed to make them easier to handle since they are not at full physical strength. 

HORSE FACT! Dehydration is one of the most common problems with horses. Horses have a slower thirst response than humans and dehydration further supresses a horse’s thirst center. This is more problematic in old horses, which is partly what led to Red’s dehydration. Resolving can take specialized knowledge, as suggested in the adage “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

HORSE FACT! Just like humans, some older horses have more trouble keeping weight on and may require a special diet, including more fat and protein, more easily-digestible and easier-to-chew foods. A horse owner that is not aware of this, or who lacks knowledge about caring for an older horse in general, may not understand that significant weight loss is not normal and that it can be reversed with changes to their feed. 

Rescue Horses for Adoption


​Sex: Mare                   ​​Age: 12 Years 


Papered Perlino Quarter Horse, halter broke and currently in training.  However, price will go up with additional training.  Serious inquiries only please.

​Price $1,000.00