​​​​Since some of the animals have come from major neglect and abuse, we are VERY careful about where the horse is to be placed. 

Our goal is to secure a lifetime commitment from you to ensure our horses go to the best possible home with the promise of a safe and loving future with you.

All equine will go to the best and most appropriate home that we feel meets the horse’s needs. Southwinds Horse Rescue cannot guarantee any animal(s) as to its disposition or training.

We will require a home visit of your facility.

If you are a great distance away, we require pictures of your current animals, facility, fencing, watering system and barn/shelter. The name & phone number of their veterinarian and farrier for a reference is required.

We are not able to pay, nor provide for the trailering, that is the new adopter’s responsibility. Unless otherwise agreed upon with Southwinds Horse Rescue.

If you agree to these simple procedures and would like to continue the adoption process, email southwindshorserescue@gmail.com

What to expect

Not all Rescue equine are the same.

We try very hard to re-socialize the horses before they are placed. We go through our own process of ensuring that the animals are in good condition to be placed into their forever home. Rescue horses may be at a lesser cost but can also have some slight issues from being neglected, and some came from very extreme situations.

A horse is a lifetime commitment.

Like any animal they simply want someone to love them.

We are happy to assist you in any way with your questions or thoughts.

Please feel free to contact us: