Corporate Sponsorships
Our corporate sponsorship program allows organizations to sponsor horses who have suffered serious injuries from cruelty and neglect. Your donation can also assist in upgrading facilities such as water stations and a lavatory for volunteers.

Your company could be the first to help save many equine's lives.

Horse Guide - $100 per month
This level will provide education and outreach programs through the use of pamphlets and information materials supplied to the public. It is important for the public to recognize our resuce mission and to be made aware of how to care for horses.

Horse Wise - $200 per month
This level will purchase appropriate veterinary care and horse feed. for  example: immunizations, penicillin and dewormer for three horses.

Horse Wisdom - $350 per month
This level will purchase feed and ongoing maintenance for the horses. Example: Farrier, dental, deworming.

Horse Innovator - $500 per month
This level will assist in facility upgrades, fencing equipment or towards a new building. We are currently looking in to building stables for our Horses.

Horse Master - $1000 per month
This level will go towards hay, straw, machinery, equipment and professional training for a horse

For business owners looking to get involved we have excellent fundraising and sponsorship opportunities for your team. We have many options for you to choose from, such as participating in our donation box program, sponsoring one of our events or something tailored to fit your organization.​

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