Horses In Need of Sponsorships

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​​Sponsorship Levels
Our regular sponsorship program allows our generous supporters to either sponsor an individual horse of their choosing, or sponsor several horses through our levels of sponsorship.

Horse Fan - $10 per month
This level will provide one horse with overall maintenance and care for one week.

Horse Friend - $25 per month
This level will purchase specialty feed for one horse for a week.

Horse Enthusiast - $40 per month
This level will provide hoof trimming for one horse

Horse Fanatic - $60 per month
This level will provide one 1100 pound round bale of hay. (average price in Manitoba)

Horse Whisperer - $80 per month
This level will provide you with a personal story and a photo of the horse of your choice.

The chosen horse will receive a treat bag in your honour. As well as there usual weekly maintence.


Age: 6 Years

Breed: Miniature Pony

​Sex: Mare

Owner Surrendered. Front knees were popped by previous owner to make her walk a certain way and was beaten by a baseball bat once they found she wouldnt walk the way they wanted.

Toni needs love and will get love for the rest of her life from Southwinds.