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​​Sponsorship Levels
Our regular sponsorship program allows our generous supporters to either sponsor an individual horse of their choosing, or sponsor several horses through our levels of sponsorship.

Horse Fan - $10 per month
This level will provide one horse with overall maintenance and care for one week.

Horse Friend - $25 per month
This level will purchase specialty feed for one horse for a week.

Horse Enthusiast - $40 per month
This level will provide hoof trimming for one horse

Horse Fanatic - $60 per month
This level will provide one 1100 pound round bale of hay. (average price in Manitoba)

Horse Whisperer - $80 per month
This level will provide you with a personal story and a photo of the horse of your choice.

The chosen horse will receive a treat bag in your honour. As well as there usual weekly maintenance.


Age: 6 Years

Breed: Miniature Pony

​Sex: Mare

Owner Surrendered. Front knees were popped by previous owner to make her walk a certain way and was beaten by a baseball bat once they found she wouldn't walk the way they wanted.

Toni needs love and will get love for the rest of her life from Southwinds.


Age: 6 Years

Breed: Quarter Horse

​Sex: Mare

Ruby is a wild horse from BC and is unhandled.  We are trying very hard to socialize with her and gain her trust so she can find her forever home.  She is available for adoption but does need work.


Age: 4 Years

Breed: Quarter Horse

​Sex: Mare

Gracie is also a wild horse from BC.  She is gaining her trust in us but still needs a lot more work.  She is available for adoption.

Horses In Need of Sponsorships