Southwinds Horse Rescue Inc. is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of all equine. We are a non-profit registered charity operating without government funding. Our life blood is the support of the community. 

Volunteering is a very rewarding experience and we are always in need of dedicated and committed volunteers to help us with the many different tasks involved in running the Rescue.

No matter what your experience, we can always fit you in with our rescue!

Who Can Volunteer?
Many of our volunteer tasks require heavy lifting and manual labour and therefore may not be suitable for children. 

Due to a number of large animals and farm machinery at the Rescue that can pose a danger to small children, all children under the age of 16 must be under adult supervision at all times while at the Rescue.

Before anyone can volunteer, a Volunteer Form and Waiver must be completed and signed. Volunteers under the age of 18 also need the signature of a parent or guardian.

Southwinds Horse Rescue also runs Volunteer Orientations which are mandatory for all new Volunteers prior to volunteering with us.

Be sure to email ​​ so we can get you set up!

What Days to Volunteer?
Volunteer hours of operation are flexible but MUST be prearranged. 

Please email us at with the day(s) and time(s) you will be coming. 

If you are unable to make it at the time you have scheduled with us to volunteer, please give us as much notice as possible, preferably 24 hours notice, as we set aside tasks for volunteers to do and will need to make alternate arrangements to have them done.

What to Bring?
Most of the work is outdoors, so please be prepared for all kinds of weather. Bring gloves, sturdy footwear is a must (preferably waterproof), and clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Please bring your own food and drinks (bring adequate water and stay hydrated!).

What to Expect?
Things you can do while you're volunteering:

*** Spending time with the horses - e.g. grooming, feeding

- Leading Horses (volunteers who have been trained or have prior experience only)
- Cleaning paddocks
- Washing buckets
- Help in repairing or building fences or shelters
- Feeding the chickens, pigs, cows
- Scraping and cleaning out buckets
- Checking and cleaning out all waterers
- Restocking tack room with feed
- Taking hay out to animals
- Cleaning 
More experienced volunteers may assist with picking up of animals, animal intake process, medical treatment, and hoof care.

Some tasks may require more than one volunteer at a time. In addition to helping with the horses and other residents, we are always in need of help with office and administrative duties. If you are uncertain about what to do, please ask a more experienced volunteer.

***Always make sure that all gates are closed behind you, and when you leave.

Currently Looking for:




Volunteer Opportunities
Southwinds Horse Rescue has many different volunteer positions  that need to be filled in order to provide the best care for the rescued equine.

If you are looking to help then please have a look at the current volunteer positions.

 Horse Socialization

If you feel comfortable going in with the herd we can really use your assistance!
Make sure to ask a Southwinds Horse Rescue Director which horses are being worked with and which horse is currently being worked on with respect to their training. 

Most of the horses in our care have not had much actual training and we need to prepare them for the next step. We need volunteers willing to come out and just spend some time with the horses, getting them used to people and being touched.  

Many of the horses are still quite shy and they need as much hands on as possible.
Some of the horses will stand to be pet or brushed, and can use all the love and attention they can get! It would be great if we could get them to a level where anyone can walk up and give any of the horses a pet on the shoulder.
From this stage we can start working on other things – like haltering and picking up their feet. There are select few brushes available for use on rescue horses. Please be responsible and put them back once you have finished with them.

If you are a new volunteer and you would rather help out in another area (ie. not with the horses) please just ask and we’ll find a place for you too!
Also, if you’d like an experienced Rescue volunteer to come out with you into the herd until you get to know them please email us at Please include your name in the subject line.

2. Trainers

People who are experienced with horsemanship in breaking both halter and saddle. We need people to put miles on green broke horses and refresh horses who have had the time off. 

*English and Western*

3. Fundraising

Responsible for identifying, acquiring, maintaining and tracking sponsors both in monetary and in material donations.
Grant writing is also included.

4. Youth and Education

Provides information, education involvement and engagement for you and with the youth volunteers.

5. Event

Plans, organizes and coordinates conferences, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, fundraisers and other special events. 

6. Administrative

Duties may include telephone calls, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, creating and populating databases and filing.

7. Trade Show/Display Materials and Forms/Documents

Creates/updates photos & information on horses, success stories, media  etc.
Updates and arranges printing of forms for events and web use.

​For more information on these positions, email the Volunteer Coordinator at

Please put in the Subject Line: Volunteering

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