Is A Steel Building Safe To Use As A Horse Barn?

More and more people are using steel buildings for many different reasons. First of all, steel buildings are very versatile because they are used as sport arenas, garages, and even homes. They are quick to build, which is great for companies needing steel buildings because of the rapid changes they undergo. There's also no more having to wait months on end for a new building to be built for incredibly large amounts of money. Steel buildings are affordable as well.

But what about the people wishing to use a steel building as a horse barn? Is it safe?

Well, let's put it this way: If a steel building can be made into a home in which people live, then there is no reason why a steel building cannot be used to house horses. That is rather amazing for a building material that was considered to be unusual just a century ago. Steel wasn't mass produced until 1855 and it still took time for the versatility and the benefits to be recognized.

The physical and the chemical characteristics of steel make it ideal for building. Simply look at its chemical composition. It has a certain percentage of carbon in it, but is mostly made up of iron. The iron itself will slide past each other if cut into sheets, which makes it very soft. When the carbon is added in, the metal becomes considerably stronger. That's what gives us steel and gives the steel manufacturers the ability to make various types of steel, which makes such structures as steel barns possible.

You want the main frame of the barn to be very strong, so that is, of course, going to require a harder type of steel. For other parts of the building, the steel doesn't need to be as hard, so there is more iron and less carbon to make the steel softer and more flexible where it needs to be.

As for horse barns, horse owners are using steel buildings because they are low maintenance and bug infestation is not an issue. That means no carpenter bees and no termites eating away at wood. Steel also cannot develop mold, mildew, or any other type of fungi that may decide it likes to grow in a horse barn. It can certainly try, but nothing is going to happen if the barn is made of steel. A steel horse barn means more attention is paid to the animals and less attention is paid to the upkeep of the barn. Other things to take into consideration when using a steel barn is that there is a low risk of it becoming infested with parasites that can make the horses ill. We've also seen the horror stories where hay or straw has caught fire and the horses have no way of getting out of the barn because the entire structure is ablaze. The good news is that the risk of such a fire is reduced significantly since steel is not combustible. Even if fire would break out, there is a good chance the roof and the walls would not collapse since steel can endure incredibly high temperatures.

This makes the only concern being what size of steel building is needed. Of course that is going to depend on how many horses you have or how many you hope to have if you're just starting out. But what is great is that steel buildings are safe to use as horse barns and in many ways keeps your horses safer than if they were in a barn made of wood or another type of building material.


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