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Choosing the Correct Horse Stirrups for Safety

Horse stirrups are a vital part of the horse riding equipment that is needed before the rider heads off on their horse. Although they are a very simple design, the stirrups are an essential part of the saddle and safety equipment that is needed. There are several different designs of stirrups to choose from depending on the style of the saddle and rider. Western stirrups are different in design to stand stirrups; however, they have the same function.Although horse riding is a sport that makes the rider feel very free, there are aspects of safety that have to be followed. Staying safe whilst out riding is essential, and having the right equipment will help. Alongside good quality tack using the correct horse stirrups is essential; as they will support the rider's feet. Although it may be tempting for the rider to simply let their feet dangle, this can be very dangerous.All riders want to feel that they are safe and secure whilst out on their horses, and using the right horse stirrups can help achieve this. Alt...


Percherons - Very Adaptable Draft Horses

Although the exact origins of the Percheron have been lost over the years, there are several different beliefs about their roots. There are those who believe that this large draft horse is descended from the original horses of the Ice Age. Still others think that it's closely related to the Boulonnais horse that the Romans used to invade Brittany. And a third group maintains that the horse is from a herd of Arabians, or some of the horses used by the Moors during the battle of Poitiers. Whatever one chooses to believe, the consensus among all is that the Percheron can be traced to Normandy at an area called La Perche. Once again, a draft breed has at its roots the Belgian-Flemish blood. While modern-day Percherons are notable for their heavy draft work, during the 8th century the heavier native and cob stock were crossbred with Arabians and other Oriental horses. The Percheron produced by this breeding made the horses more suitable for riding and lighter draft work. As time passed, the use of a Perche...


Finding the Perfect Style of Horse Riding Chaps

Horse riding chaps are a vital part of riding clothes that can make the riding experience far more comfortable. The chaps are ideal to keep the riders legs dry in bad weather and make riding an enjoyable experience. Whether the rider is simply a weekend rider or is on a horse every day the week, chaps can make all of the difference. They can be worn very easily over the top of jodhpurs or other types of riding trousers.There are several different styles, colors and materials of riding chaps to choose from and the process can be daunting. There are full length and half leg pants to decide between and which ones are chosen are often due to the rider's preference. Although there are some very traditional horse riding chaps, today it is possible to find them in some great colors and styles.With any form of clothing fashion is as important as the other details and horse chaps are no different. Although they need to be safe, functional and the right fit they can also be very trendy and colorful. Whether full lengt...


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