Choosing the Correct Horse Stirrups for Safety

Horse stirrups are a vital part of the horse riding equipment that is needed before the rider heads off on their horse. Although they are a very simple design, the stirrups are an essential part of the saddle and safety equipment that is needed. There are several different designs of stirrups to choose from depending on the style of the saddle and rider. Western stirrups are different in design to stand stirrups; however, they have the same function.

Although horse riding is a sport that makes the rider feel very free, there are aspects of safety that have to be followed. Staying safe whilst out riding is essential, and having the right equipment will help. Alongside good quality tack using the correct horse stirrups is essential; as they will support the rider's feet. Although it may be tempting for the rider to simply let their feet dangle, this can be very dangerous.

All riders want to feel that they are safe and secure whilst out on their horses, and using the right horse stirrups can help achieve this. Although the stirrups are designed to support the rider, they will also need to be designed with safety in mind. Traditionally the stirrups would have been one design, which tended to get the riders feet stuck if they feel.

This could result in the rider suffering from broken bones, or serious injury as they were dragged by the horse stirrups. However, today the latest designs of the horse stirrups ensure that the rider is kept safe and that their foot is easily released if they fall. Western stirrups are designed wider than typical stirrups for safety reasons. They also have larger treads to ensure that the boots that are worn cannot be caught in the stirrups.

Some horse stirrups are designed with a tapedero, which is placed over the front of the stirrup to ensure that the rider's foot cannot be pushed too far forward. Other designs of stirrups can be found that have wider, bent sides to ensure there is no danger of trapping the riders foot inside. Although the western stirrups are great in design, they will look strange on any other saddle other than a western saddle.

Once the correct style of horse stirrups have been chosen they will need to be fitted onto the saddle correctly, this will ensure that the rider is comfortable. If the stirrups are too high, the rider will find that their position on the horse is compromised. Every time before taking the horse out the rider will need to ensure that they check the length and condition of the stirrups.

The horse stirrups are a piece of equipment that is often taken for granted, however, they need to be the correct design. If the rider takes the time to ensure that the right safety aspects are considered when they're riding, they will remain safe at all times. If something does happen and the rider falls, their feet will be free of the stirrups, and all that will be hurt will be their pride.


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