Finding the Perfect Style of Horse Riding Chaps

Horse riding chaps are a vital part of riding clothes that can make the riding experience far more comfortable. The chaps are ideal to keep the riders legs dry in bad weather and make riding an enjoyable experience. Whether the rider is simply a weekend rider or is on a horse every day the week, chaps can make all of the difference. They can be worn very easily over the top of jodhpurs or other types of riding trousers.

There are several different styles, colors and materials of riding chaps to choose from and the process can be daunting. There are full length and half leg pants to decide between and which ones are chosen are often due to the rider's preference. Although there are some very traditional horse riding chaps, today it is possible to find them in some great colors and styles.

With any form of clothing fashion is as important as the other details and horse chaps are no different. Although they need to be safe, functional and the right fit they can also be very trendy and colorful. Whether full length or half leg riding pants, they will help to protect the rider's legs. These Pants are often associated with cowboys and western riders; however, they are now very popular all over the world.

The original style of horse chaps were known as Batwing chaps due to the wide cut and the flare at the bottom. The design of these pants are perfect for riding and being able to move freely on the horse. They allow the rider to remain cooler during the summer months, and provide the most comfort. Another popular design of riding pants is shotgun chaps these are far straighter and more restrictive.

There are some very elaborate styles of horse riding apnts available, which are excellent if the rider wants to make a statement. If the budget will stretch to more than one pair, it may be possible to have a very stylish pair and a practical pair for everyday wear. Horse chaps can be found with tassels and very decorative wings; however, these may not be the best ones to wear when riding daily. The chaps are very personal to the rider, and there is a huge selection to choose.

Typically, horse riding chaps are made from leather or synthetic leather material, making them ideal for wet weather. Leather horse pants will last for many years and remain in excellent condition. Although leather riding pants are more expensive, they are far better quality.

The horse chaps will need to endure a lot of work, so they need to be durable and tough. Not only will the pants protect the rider's legs from the bad weather, but they will also protect them from injury if they fall. Having a second layer on the rider's legs is always a bonus in the event of a knock or fall. Whatever horse riding chaps are chosen, they should never be restricting in anyway. Although fashion is great, it should never take precedence over safety when riding.


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